Novel Materials, Nano-photonics and Processes

Topic Co-Chairs:
Laurent Vivien, Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (C2N), France
Pablo Sanchís, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia

Novel materials andmaterial combinations and structures that are enabling new functions, newproperties or science, and nanophotonic structures. Materials, structures,phenomena and devices that are still in an investigative stage, or that are notnecessarily targeting specific application requirements. Examples include, butare not limited to, amorphous or disordered materials, 1D, 2D or 3Dnanomaterials, phase change materials, functional oxides, ferroelectrics,photonic crystals, optical metamaterials, plasmonics and their hybrids.

Photonic Devices

Topic Co-Chairs:
Daoxin Dai, Zhejiang University, China
Pavel Cheben, National Research Council (NRC), Canada

New device concepts,fabrication processes, and characterization methods for group IV photonicdevices. A broad range of device functionalities will be considered, including,but not limited to, on-chip light sources, high-speed modulation,photo-detection, optical coupling, filtering and routing, optical switching,polarization handling, wavelength and mode division multiplexing, metamaterialengineered devices, optical phased arrays, reconfigurable photonic devices, aswell as devices aimed at sensing. Contributions should focus on specific devicefunctionalities and innovations rather than complete systems; more complexcircuits should be submitted to the integrated systems topic or theapplications topic.

Electronic-Photonic Integrated Circuits and Systems

Topic Co-Chairs:
Haisheng Rong, Intel, USA
Gunther Roelkens, University of Ghent, Belgium

Submissions to thistopic area should focus on the methods of electro-photonic integration andsystem building. This includes electronic and photonic co-design, hybrid andmonolithic integration approaches, programable photonic systems, microwavephotonics, and advanced assembling, packaging and testing solutions.


Topic Co-Chairs:
Frederic Gardes, University of Southampton, United Kingdom
Xianshu Luo, Advanced Micro-Foundry, Singapore

Submissions to this topic area should betargeted at specific applications, such as data center, automotive,bio-medical, free-space communication, LiDAR, imaging, sensing, artificialintelligence, quantum photonics, astro-photonics, etc. The submissions can berelated to emerging applications in existing application domains or entirely newapplication domains.