2018 Invited Speakers


Jeffrey Driscoll, Intel, USA
Title: First 400G 8-channel CWDM Silicon Photonic Integrated Transmitter

Nicholas Harris, Light Matter, Inc., USA
Title: Silicon Photonics for Deep Learning

Christopher Poulton, Analog Photonics, USA
Title: Optical Phased Arrays for Integrated Beam Steering

Gunther Roelkens, Ghent University, Belgium
Title: III-V/Si Photonic Integrated Circuits for the Mid-infrared

Electronic-Photonic Integrated Circuits & Systems

Stefan Meister, Sicoya, Germany
Title: Short Reach Optical Transceiver (PIC/EIC Integration)

Peter Ossieur, University of Gent, Belgium
Title: Electronic ICs for Silicon Photonic Transceivers

Mark Wade, Ayar Labs, Inc., USA
Title: Electronic-Photonic Systems for Multi-Tbps Optical I/O

Novel Materials, Nanophotonics and Processes

Stefan Abel, IBM Zurich, Switzerland
Title: Ferroelectric Barium Titanate Embedded in Silicon Photonics – New Opportunities for Photonic Circuits

Daehwan Jung, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA, USA, “InAs Quantum Dot Lasers Epitaxially Grown on on-axis (001) Silicon”

Jeffrey Shailine, NIST Boulder, USA
Title: Three-dimensional Photonic Integration for Neural Computing

Fisher Yu, University of Arkansas, USA
Title: Investigation of GeSn Lasers towards Group IV Photonics Applications

Photonic Devices

Ben Eggleton, University of Sydney, Australia
Title: High Performance, Low Noise Figure Brillouin-based Tunable Microwave Photonic Filters

Haisheng Rong, Intel, USA
Title: Silicon based high-speed Micro-ring Modulators and Detectors for Low-cost Photonic Integration